Section I: TOPIC

The competition topic is the preliminary design of a 40 sm one-floor building, located in an Italian municipality, to be announced later, employing straw bale and timber construction techniques. The building will consist of a single multifunctional area available to different associations to carry out conferences, meetings, and events. The building will be used periodically and in a discontinuous way, thus management costs should be minimized. Thanks to an agreement between Promopaglia and the Municipality of Caino (Italy), the two winning projects will be submitted to the Municipality as part of a public- private partnership in order to achieve their realization.

  • Title

    1000 Buildings X 1000 Municipalities
  • Type

    Competition Announcement (Ideas)
  • Organizers

  • Registration Deadline

    10/05/2017 01:32
  • Submission Deadline

    30/05/2017 01:31
  • Venue

    Municipalities of Caino (BS)
  • Price

    50 €