The 24H Competition had another successful run in their latest edition, “Moon”. Created by Ideas Forward, every 24H prompt — which is only revealed on competition day — highlights social issues, climate change, humanitarian causes, and contemporary sociologic problems. Entrants are then challenged to respond with a completed proposal within 24 hours.

In the vast mysterious frontier that is outer space, the 7th edition 24H Competition stayed within (sort of) familiar grounds with its “Moon” theme. Entrants were challenged to envision a multifunctional Moon-based settlement that operates as a scientific research workstation, observatory, and a space tourist hotspot.

The jury featured Luis Serina, Rafael González, Cathrin Bergscheider, Christina-Kappich, and Nicholas Korody from Bustler’s sister site Archinect.

Have a look at the winning entries below.

1ST PLACE:  Mike Sudolsky, Brian Kato, Ben Anderson – Nelson, Ann Hurt, Ashley Morgan | Denver, CO

Jury comments:

“Caldera points, with the most impressive illustration, to a world where mankind has developed a small paradise under the harsh surface of the moon.” — Luis Serina

“The use of subterranean room is one of the most viable projects, creating a new atmosphere where plants can grow and life can develop. The skylight system proposed  is also a well thoght idea. Furthermore, the panel is atractive using a section and a render to show the concept, the architecture is concise and precise.To sum up, this project deserves the first place due to many aspects gathered in one simple idea: A subterranean room.” — Rafael González

“The winning project proposes to convert the existing structure of lava tubes into a parallel universe which makes the moon atmosphere suitable for humans. It´s a modular system which can be extended. This idea offers a new point of view for the cultivation and is an interesting approach to develop life on the moon!” — Cathrin Bergscheider

“Caldera is a combination of an agricultural reasearch facility and a hotel. It is located beneath the moon’s surface. In former lava tubes a rich in species agriculture will be established. Travellers can attend the phases of the development from their rooms hanging off the ceiling surrounded by plants or taking a walk through the fields. A question left is where comes the light from? But still visionary.” — Christina-Kappich

2ND PLACE: Nicolás Barrena Lázaro | Madrid, Spain.

2ND PLACE: Nicolás Barrena Lázaro | Madrid, Spain

Jury comments:

“The project re-thinking tourism provides an extremely appealing proposal to such a challenging goal. The complexity of the problem is very well addressed by combining virtual reality, mind mapping and reality into an harmonious image, which pushes the mind to believe in the outcome.” — Luis Serina

“Tourism on the moon may be possible. This project goes deeper in this idea presenting it in a very atractive diagram. However the space proposed stays only in a regular basic aircraft.” — Rafael González

“This proposal gives an interesting idea of a new kind of tourism and traveling. It´s an interesting concept which an educational effect.” — Cathrin Bergscheider

“This project is a concept – thinking travelling and tourism as a scientific game – and not architectural design.Three different roles are offered, tourist, scientist and earthling. Journey time is 30 days. Within this period the three groups are interacting with each other. Giving travellers this extraordinary experience of having a task exploring and researching the moon together is a special benefit.” — Christina-Kappich

3RD PLACE: Claire Gaspin, David Emmons | Chicago, IL.

3RD PLACE: Claire Gaspin, David Emmons | Chicago, IL

Jury comments:

“Moonboxes concept makes us believe in a Safari on the moon, through a vivid and compelling illustration, transmitting the feeling that everybody could do it one day, which is a powerful message.” — Luis Serina

“Moonboxes propose to mix pure architecture with a regular aircraft. The safari proposal throught a mobile room offers an unique experience to the tourist.” — Rafael González

“This projects shows a classic way of a tourism project with a clear and functional design. It’s easy to imagine this project as real!” — Cathrin Bergscheider

“Keep it simple – put a hotel room on a caterpillar. Why not?” — Christina-Kappich

Find the Honorable Mentions in the thumbnail gallery below. You can also check out previous 24H Competition results on Bustler here.