2×8 Student Competition, Exhibition and Scholarship program showcases exemplary student work from architecture & design institutions throughout California. Celebrating the state’s unequaled diversity in pedagogical directions, each of the participating academic programs select two student projects that epitomize their core vision. As many as 16 schools participate in the annual show.

Participating students exhibit their work at a public venue and have the opportunity to potentially receive scholarships to further their education as tomorrow’s architects.

In 2018, 2×8 program sponsors awarded $13K in scholarships, to students with winning projects from East LA College, USC School of Architecture, CA College of the Arts, Woodbury, UCLA, Cal Poly Pomona, and Otis College of Art & Design. This year’s goal is to raise $25K for the 2×8 student project exhibition and scholarship program!

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Design, build, and install the physical manifestation of the 2019 2×8 exhibition to showcase up to 32 student projects. Student work may be displayed in any fashion (printed boards, digital media, projection, etc.) and the design submissions should specifically prescribe the presentation format (size, proportions, etc). The exhibition design concept should be flexible, as the number of school entries may not be finalized until after a winner is selected. The design shall include a “sponsor wall” element of some type, and at the minimum an attention grabbing element in the public paseo on Helms Ave to alert passers by of the exhibit inside. Elements may be constructed or placed in the paseo, within the space, hung on walls, etc. At the end of the show however, the space must be returned in the same condition as it was found.

Additional information/Request for Proposal can be found here: www.aialosangeles.org/aiala-events/2×8/