Another edition has concluded for Europan! The Europe-wide competition recognizes the best urban and architectural proposals for assigned sites throughout the continent. Young architects and professionals under 40 had to respond to the Europan 13 theme: “The Adaptable City: Self-Organization – Sharing – Project (Process)”, an increasingly globally relevant topic. Participating cities and competition entrants addressed a variety of pressing social and economic issues that many European cities have been experiencing, while also working toward sustainable development and adaptability.

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So here’s a quick rundown on the stats for Europan 13: This edition started out with 1,305 entries for the 49 assigned sites (which are based in 15 countries). Once the overall competition pool narrowed down to 310 preselected projects, the 15 Europan juries picked a total of 93 prize-winning teams. This consists of 44 winners, 49 runners-up, and 61 special mentions.

A little more than half of the winners won in their home country, and the other half won for proposals they designed for sites in a different country. The winning entries are intended to lead to implementation in the assigned sites.

Discussion in the middle of the exhibition of the shortlisted projects at the Europan 13 Forum of Cities and Juries, Bratislava this past November. Photo via Europan Europe Facebook page.

In summation, the winning entries present “new ways of sharing collective space and governance methods requiring a chronotypical approach, blending the spatial and temporal dimensions. They propose a sensitive form of urban planning, where different places can be used at different times, and rethink the quality of the spaces from that perspective, raising the question of the ‘hospitality’ of urban spaces and their appropriation by city users. Many of them introduce intensive development projects, even in many different contexts, to better connect them with the realities of the contemporary city.”

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