Archistart promotes ArchiHackers Competition, a contest to reward young designers creativity and talent.

ArchiHackers is an invitation to hack an architecture, transforming, multiplying or simplifying it.

At a time when transformation, expansion of buildings, regeneration and construction on the built are turning more and more important, the contest is an invitation to experiment with your own idea of architecture, to confront your own design references, enhancing transformation and change.

ArchiHackers Competition is an annual event, a competition inspired by the major transformation projects that are taking place in contemporary urban contexts.

The reconsideration of a façade, an expansion on the existing, a new cover, the extension of a modern architecture, the revisiting of an interior. The possibility of giving a new image and enhancing your dream project.

To take part in the contest, you have to choose a reference architecture (modern or contemporary architecture interventions) and to imagine freely, without any fixed constraint, a transformation.

The transformation to propose is free-themed and, for instance, it can concern volume subtraction or addition, change of materials, new covering, as well as variation of the function. Even the techniques of representation are free, with the possibility of using render, photomontages, illustrations, models, patterns and drawings of all kinds.

Competition entries will begin 14th January 2019 and will end 23rd April 2019 (30th April 2019 deadline submission) and the results will be available on June 2019

Participation fee → 50€

ArchiHackers 2019 Competition Rules