All the submissions for the competition must be anonymous and should be sent to ASK using the postal and electronic form (you must receive a registration number during your registration that will be your official identification).
Participants must send both images (physical and digital) to be reviewed by the jury.
Judging will take place at March and all winners will be notified by April to came for the exhibition in Lima.
Subject: PERU 2019
Physical Format: A-4 (maximum size)
Digital format:.JPG format File
Name: Registration Number Participants will have to send his physical draw to the next address:Av. Jacinto Lara 287; office 201, zip code 15073, Lima- Perú and his digital picture to the organizer’s official email address: [email protected] until February 28th 2019 at midnight (- 5 GTM).
Participants will be responsible for the arrival of their proposals within the corresponding deadlines and no proposal will be received one day after the date previously stated.


Due to internal regulations at ASK, no personal electronic confirmations will be made.


●Queries about the competition issues will only be answered to all the participants properly registered in the competition so, to receive an answer, you must send your mail heading it with your registration number; otherwise it will not be replied.
●Technical queries about aspects unspecified in the Brief, rules or project subjects will be available online at the FAQ link on the Competition’s website. Should you have further queries these should be directed to [email protected].


●Participants may present as many proposals as they wish, if each has a different Registration Number.
●All proposals that fail to meet/comply with all the specified Rules will not be evaluated.
●We strongly recommend following these instructions, as otherwise our system will detect the email as SPAM.


The Jury will evaluate according to the following criteria:
●Quality of drawing irrespective of the project it may represent (built, unbuilt or purely conceptual)
●Extent to which the drawing makes a proposition about architecture, -or about the site- rather than simply recording it
●Technical skill Success in conveying a design idea, be it a general concept or a specific proposal

Short Description

ARCHITECT SKETCHES (ASK) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of architecture sketching around the world.To this end we are organizing PERU 2019 contest, which is an international competition that celebrates the art and skills of architectural drawing. This competition is not restricted to architects, but it is also opened to students, professionals and everyone interested in this kind of Architectural Art.


Architect Sketches

Link to Competition

Link to Registration form


WINNERS:The awards will be:-
US $ 1500 for the 1st prize-
US $ 1,000 for the second prize-
US $ 500 for the Third prize plus, accommodation in Lima and Cusco one weekend to participate in the exhibition and opening on April 2019 (flight and all expenses are included).

There will be also 9 honorable mentions that will be exhibited in a Gallery in Lima, along with the winners draws on the opening day.
NOTE: As a part of the awards, all participants will upload their draw to the ArchDealer Gallery without any cost, only creating an account so their images will be promoted between ArchDealer’s buyer’s data base.

Type of Competition

Open to the public/Minimum requirements (Open to anyone that complies with the requirements), Single stage (Winners selected immediately)

Who can Participate

Entries to this competition are to be hand drawn by the corresponding participant and must of his own, no matter if it has been presented before in a website or in any other competition.Accepted themes include architectural parts, landscapes, and buildings depicting Peru (indeed your drawing may represent a built project or purely conceptual one but inscribed in the country).The technique is freestyle and hand drawings shall not be larger than A-4 format and must be hand-delivered or posted at ASK in Lima- Perú no later than February 28th, 2019. The corresponding digital image without any digital enhancement must also be uploaded in a jpg. format to the ASK webpage section and shall not exceed 1 Megabyte of data.

Dates and Time Frame

Registration Opens October 23, 2018
Registration Closes January 22, 2019
Deadline to Submit Project February 28, 2019
Winners announcement Date March 31, 2019



Location of Competition:

Cusco, Perú

Location of Project (if developed):

Cusco, Perú

Additional Information

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