The 1st edition of Architectural Design Award (HELMA©) is a project organised annually by Balsam International with the support of HELMA Planning and Coordination Team (full time Secretariat) and the Jury Panel.

HELMA 1st edition theme focuses on “ARCHITECTURE IN SPORT FACILITIES DESIGN AWARD”: HELMA is a global architecture competition that will bring together architects and designers from both International countries, and the Gulf Countries Cooperation (GCC) to respond to the cultural, social, political and environmental challenges related to the sport industry in Kuwait by means of proposing novel architectural designs and innovative solutions that can improve the quality of sport facilities in Kuwait.

The competition is open to current design and architecture students, fresh graduates and amateurs. The demand of a multi-purpose sports facilities is largely aided by new technology, ever-wider spans and innovative structural solutions, often becoming symbolic icons for the sports they house. The sport sector is constantly advancing by means of innovative construction techniques, advanced material, state of the art technologies for sustainable buildings and leisure facilities suitable for persons with a disability.

The name HELMA reflects the ancient Kuwaiti architecture, which is characterized by its strong connection to local building materials including rubble stone covered with thick mud plaster, mud brick and Cora stone. It also reflects the efficient building techniques in wall construction, and the aesthetics on the facades, doors and windows. HELMA tries to bridge the gap between the ancient and contemporary architecture to engage with the material, cultural and social ecologies of Kuwait City.

HELMA will give the participants a platform to showcase their design proposal in three (2) main categories of different sports facilities:
1. Sports Stadia – Arena Facility design
2. General Sports Community Training Facility design.
The three (2) categories mentioned above will be winning prizes and we will award a total of KWD30, 000 in prizes that will be broken down into different subcategories.

HELMA will provide participants a platform to showcase their design proposals to a panel of distinguished jurors of international professionals and academics who are passionate about and have a strong commitment to innovative architectural design of the sport industry.

  • Title

    HELMA 1st Edition “Architecture in Sport Facilities Design AWARD”
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    Competition Announcement (Student Competitions)
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  • Registration Deadline

    15/10/2017 18:54
  • Submission Deadline

    24/12/2017 18:54
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