Work has always been changing when we think in terms of productivity, efficiency or just the ambiance. Looking back, we’ve come really far of how we used to earn a living. Right from industrial ages when work was merely paper, to now organizations that demand collaboration – management – creativity. Which leads to present where people look beyond jobs, and desire fun offices that keep their morale & mood up. With the fast-pacing growth in technology and architectural fields, where do we see ourselves in a couple of decades?

Work maybe a driven by employers, but this outlook is changing completely. The current generation realizes that work is and will be an integral part of their lives forever. Hence psychology, experience and expectations from both ends (people & organizations) make this task even more interesting.

Can a person work alongside a nice morning walk? Or does he has to always stick to his chair with a screen? Or maybe work and life do not remain separate, they fuse? Innovation and practicality being two interdependent features of development need to be emphasized, especially when predicting a period in timeline where even the existence of dedicated working spaces can be questioned.

Considering this dynamic outlook at work, along new revolutions in technologies come in to picture, things become more unpredictable. And this is where we see opportunity. As the creator, you have the power to decide how work would look like tomorrow. And when work changes; challenges around work also change. This problem will take a new level of issues into consideration, from physical planning to virtual privacy, operational policies to individual aspirations, evolving workforces to what robots could be.

The first part of the submission would be ‘how idea of work conceptualized, and how it is portrayed in 2040’. This will involve your ability to speculate current and emerging technology/economics/culture trends, which will translate into your architectural output. The second part of the submission the manifestation of the core idea you establish in the first part of the project. You may use the trends stated above or create a new type altogether differently.

Your rationale is the key player here. What this implies, the idea is the crux of design and holds primary relevance in the whole proposal. We are looking forward to radical ideas which could create a new direction of how a work-hub could be in the coming decades. We expect a design outcome will be seamlessly connected to other hubs that serve a similar purpose around the world, and may surpass the need of owning an office totally by any of the work forces of the future.

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    Call for Entries : Breaking Work
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    Competition Announcement (Ideas)
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    05/05/2018 18:13
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