What will Glasgow be like in 150 years?

Glasgow – a multi-layered city with a unique character. Throughout the past centuries, Glasgow has passed through various phases and styles, maintaining a very ingenious dialogue through its architecture. Much like any other post-industrial city, Glasgow has both maintained its amalgam presence, as well as left a number of issues that can be creatively resolved by the aspiring architectural society. Buildings such as the tenements have proved their durability and have served Glasgow’s community for the past centuries, with their bay windows becoming much like the eyes of a Glaswegian.

In honour of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Glasgow Institute of Architects, the GIA, as Trustees for the Alexander Thomson Scholarship, invite you to submit a single image portraying how you see Glasgow in 2168. The image is open to your interpretation and may be completed in any media. It should provoke conversations about the future of Glasgow and visualize a critical argument and view about the city.

How would you like Glasgow to look 150 years from now? What story dictates the future of this multi-layered city?