How can we create new conviviality through FOOD CYCLES?
How can we scale-up FOOD CYCLES as models of co-design?
How can FOOD CYCLES enhance the transformation of cities and territories? 

CREATIVE FOOD CYCLES opens this call for good practices that express and materialise sustainable food cycles. It is for innovative and creative projects—realised and implemented—that emerge from digitalisation, advanced technological implementation, digital manufacturing, sharing and informal economies, innovative particpatory processes, increased awareness of climate change, and advanced strategies for urban and territorial resilience. CREATIVE FOOD CYCLES—co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme 2018–20 of the European Union—aims to empower architects, product and communication designers, and cultural actors to assume a more proactive attitude, regarding food and its expressive capacity, as a cultural vehicle of identity, innovation and social integration, and to enhance circular economy. The catalogue will collect and map successful examples in the fields of architecture, design, arts, and urban and rural practices. Creative Food Cycles is looking for valuable experiences in the transformation of urban and rural space and society, for rural-urban interactions, and for creating sustainable futures.

food interactions catalogue – open call – downloadable form