Shenzhen, a modern, international, innovative coastal city, one of the core cities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, one of the most economically competitive cities and the most dynamic cities in the world, and having the reputation of “City of Design”, now is striving to become a global marine central city.

Xiaomeisha is located in the eastern golden coastline of Shenzhen, and adjacent to Dapeng New District to the east, Dameisha to the west, Maluan Mountain Country Park to the north and Dapeng Bay to the south. Being 28 kilometers away from Futian Center and 10 kilometers away from Yiantian Sub-Center and having excellent mountain and marine resources including mountains, lakes, a sandy beach, and reef, it is nearest to the downtown area of Shenzhen and one of the coastal leisure and tourism resorts which have a natural sandy beach.

It is also one of earliest developed coastal tourism resorts since the founding of Shenzhen, and has been awarded “Top Ten Scenic Spots of Shenzhen,” “Eight Famous Scenic Spots in Shenzhen.”  After going through trials and hardships of 30 years, Xiaomeisha has owned operational entities like Xiaomeisha Holiday Village, Xiaomeisha Sea World and Xiaomeisha Hotel at present, and receives more than 2 million tourists annually. However, its upgrading and reconstruction is slow in recent ten years, with products, landscape architecture and supporting facilities in resort being obsolete and outdated.

Xiaomeisha Area will start its overall renewal and transformation soon and will be built into the world’s urban coastal holiday resort area, so as to become an important undertaker to achieve the goal to build Shenzhen into a global marine central city. Both construction projects that will be built in the near future, i.e. the New Ocean World and High-End Full-Service Hotel, are going to be the landmarks of Xiaomeisha and represent its overall image. We hereby organize the International Bidding of the Architectural Design for the New Ocean World& High-End Full-Service Hotel of Xiaomeisha, Shenzhen to solicit far-sighted, innovative and iconic architectural design schemes worldwide.

The class-A qualifications of PRC are not required for this International Bidding. All design firms home and abroad can apply, while the relevant qualification should meet the current requirements of the practice areas where the applicant’s HQ is located. Design firms home and abroad with aquarium design experience or hotel design experience are warmly welcome to take part in this International Bidding.

Design firms or consortiums who are interested in this International Bidding please apply for it with reference to the Instruction to Applicants of the International Bidding of the Architectural Design for the New Ocean World& High-End Full-Service Hotel of Xiaomeisha Area, Shenzhen (See Appendix 1 for details) and fill out the Application Form of the International Bidding of the Architectural Design for the New Ocean World& High-End Full-Service Hotel of Xiaomeisha, Shenzhen (See Appendix 2 for details), by 17:00, November 28, 2017 (Beijing Time). For more information, please visit the following websites:

  • Website 1: China Bidding (
  • Website2: Archdaily (
  • Website 3: ABBS (
  • Website 4: Shenzhen Zhendong Tendering Agent Co., Ltd.(
  • Website 5: Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Development Group Ltd. (

Registration Enquiry:
Ms Lai    (+86) 135 3067 0439 / Ms Chen   (+86) 136 8248 4048 / Mr. Li     (+86) 755 8278 6018-807
Fax: (+86) 755 8290 9299

  • Title

    Call for Entries: Design for the New Ocean World and Hotel in Xiaomeisha, Shenzhen
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    Competition Announcement (Built Projects & Masterplans)
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  • Organizers

    Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Development Group Co., Ltd.
  • Registration Deadline

    28/11/2017 17:00
  • Submission Deadline

    17/02/2018 17:00
  • Venue

    Shenzhen, China
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  • Price

    800,000.00 RMB