Dear Students of Architecture and Design,

We are inviting facade concepts for a G+11 apartment building where the the top two floors are 2-storey penthouses. Meanwhile, floors 1 – 9 are all one-storey apartments.

Each floor has two apartments.

Ground floor has one apartment + one fitness room.

Total: 21 apartments.

The structural engineering is complete and the foundation is being layed. However, the final facade is yet to to be determined, hence this call for submissions.

The building is on top of a hill and will be visible from most part of the city. The facade should be beautiful, modern-earthy, blending with the surrounds.

The front of the apartments are all West-facing. Designers should thus take into account a strong, Equatorial sunset.

The winning submission will be awarded $5,000 (USD five thousand).

A sample rendition is attached for reference. We are inviting ideas that are much nicer than what is seen in the attachment. Applicants may email us for more information.

With thanks,

Email: [email protected]

  • Title

    Call for Entries: Facade Design for Modern Residential Tower in Uganda
  • Type

    Competition Announcement (Student Competitions)
  • Organizers

    Mr. Zahid Wissanji
  • Submission Deadline

    11/10/2017 12:10
  • Venue

    Kampala, Uganda
  • Price