With COMMPOST, learning about composting food waste never looked so aesthetically pleasing. A team comprising of Daniel Gillen, Colby Suter, Philipp Ohnesorge, and Gustav Fagerstrom proposed the temporary installation and made it as one of 18 finalists in the Field Constructs Design Competition in Austin, Texas.

The mountainous structure applies digital fabrication techniques and is also equipped with a WiFi “peak”. As a result, visitors can interact with the installation with their smart-devices to access infographics about composting techniques and benefits, or share their experience on social media.

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Project description:

“COMMPOST is COMMUNITY: COMMPOST is an educational tool informing the public of the techniques and benefits of composting organic food waste. Guests of COMMPOST will be able to engage in the practice of composting and see the results of their efforts over the lifespan of the installation.”

Image courtesy of Daniel Gillen.

“COMMPOST is COMMUNICATION: COMMPOST-PEAK’s free wifi hotspot invites patrons to access the installation’s history, learn composting methods, and actively participate.  Infographics explain different COMMPOSTING procedures, processes, and rewards. Graphics explain to visitors where the COMMPOST pits as well as hay storage for layering are located.

Using mobile phones to scan QR codes etched in the plywood panels, advocates may unlock peripheral weblinks and information including the competition brief, Ecology-Action, and numerous resources related to environmental advocacy.  COMMPOSTERS are able to POST to their favorite social media platforms from all around the installation.”

Image courtesy of Daniel Gillen.

“COMMPOST is COMMPUTATION: COMMPOST’s iconic form is generated by digital design processes analyzing existing site topography.  The topographic surface recalls mountain ranges reduced to the scale of a child.  Given its temporary site, COMMPOST is familiar in its iconicity yet playfully foreign.  COMMPUTATIONAL design allows for the COMMPLEX form to be catalogued and described with a minimal kit of parts.”

Axonometric. Image courtesy of Daniel Gillen.

“Components are nested for material ecology, with overage chipped and used as composting ingredients.  Similar to an Ikea or Lego set, COMMPOST comes with a step by step assembly manual in addition to COMMPOST’s UNCOMMON zero waste disassembly guide. Become a COMMPOSTER today!”

Image courtesy of Daniel Gillen.

Daniel Gillen
Colby Suter
Philipp Ohnesorge
Gustav Fagerstrom

All images courtesy of Daniel Gillen.

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