In light of [AC-CA]’s recent announcement of their Milan World Expo pavilion competition results, the 1st-prize winners Anna Karas, Monika Nowak, Klaudiusz Angerman, and Michal Krywult of Poland shared the details to their “Golden Harvest” proposal.

Participants worldwide were invited to submit original design ideas for an Information Pavilion located inside the World Expo Park for the 2015 Milan World Expo.

Dig into the details of “Golden Harvest” below.

Project description:

“CHAPTER 1 – IDEA: The priority during the design process was to create a space that refers to the theme of EXPO – feeding the planet. It is achieved by releasing the grain,   one of the basic and most popular product on earth. Seed is in culture symbol of life, but also the sacrifice of himself. Proposed building have three main function. Besides its information function it also ‘feed’ participants of Expo. Third function is to inform about elapsed time. It is refers to hourglass of worlds resources. Building in his basis form is a grain silo, which also contains information point. Object is transparent to show elapsed time.”

Image courtesy of “Golden Harvest” project authors.

“CHAPTER 2 – EXPO TIME: During the exhibition the building visualize EXPO calendar by natural grain hourglass system.”

Image courtesy of “Golden Harvest” project authors.

“CHAPTER 3 – LOCALIZATION: Pavilon is located on intersection Cardo and Decumano avenue. This localisation was choosen because this place well visible from most points of  exhibition area.”

Image courtesy of “Golden Harvest” project authors.

“CHAPTER 4 – FORM: The main aim of the concept was to create a compact and sustainable pavilon volume. Total internal space – 234 square meters – was split into 3 equal levels: info, souvenir shop and business centre. Ground floor is open and it is a part of plaza.”

Image courtesy of “Golden Harvest” project authors.

“CHAPTER 5 – MATERIALS: The object is made by grain. What is more the grain is moving. This is a symbol of time – how fast are we using that product.

CHAPTER 6 – SUMMARY: Grain is one of the most popular food products. Every day, people over the world use thousands of tons to feed themselves and animals. ‘Golden harvest’ try to remind basic information about grain. How does it feel, and smell – object gives a chance to touch the product. It refers to hourglass of world’s resources.”