The Chair of Innovative Construction Materials (CIMC) with the Higher School of Architecture of Málaga and Financiera y Minera S.A. announce the II International Ideas Competition for architects and students of architecture in their graduation project.

The subject of this II International Ideas Competition is to design a pavilion in a public space with the employment of innovative products offered by Financiera y Minera S.A., wich can be found at

The competition is open to every professional architect or student of architecture in his graduation project, from Spain or any other country. To participate is necessary to make the registration and submit the documentation before 31 May 2017, as indicated in the competition bases. Those interested should send an e-mail to the address: [email protected]. At the same time the participants could remit any question and clarification to this e-mail.

The board will consist of a group of recognised prestige architects, as well as a representative of the Higher School of Architecture of Málaga, a representative of Financiera y Minera S.A., and the director of the Chair CIMC. The board will decide the winners during June 2017.

The board will award a maximum of a first prize (winning project) and two second prizes (honourable mention):

First prize: Student Grant1 to pay tuition fees for a Master’s Degree in Architectural Projects, Environmental Design and New Technologies (MPDiA) of University of Málaga, which will be taught at the Higher School of Architecture of Málaga during the 2017/2018 academic year.

Second prizes: Recognition from the Higher School of Architecture of Málaga and Financiera y Minera S.A.

Download the information related to this competition here.