The architect, the engineer, the designer, all of them participate to the development and the construction of an upcoming world at their own level. Together, by looking further, beyond preconceived ideas and well-established concepts, these entrepreneurs, these creators, have the power to make up new rules, propose new directions: innovative facilities and housing bringing new living conditions, making room for new ways of moving, of consuming energy, to counter major environmental challenges of our era and others to come. The prizes of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation support and accompany this approach.

Innovation, architectural disruption, sustainable development and resilience against climate changes are the keywords of this 7th edition of the international competition in architecture of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation – Institut de France.

The Fondation’s awards

Every architectural project submitted must fall within one of the two fields: the Sea, guardian of our natural and societal environments; or Space, field of development and technological applications that are unavoidable for the future of our civilization. This year, the Foundation adds to the grand prix – which are open themed – three more specific themes, the «focus», to deliver a new, prospective vision, targeting one issue in the medium term or preparing oneself for an ecological and social emergency on one continent.

Innovation and architecture for the sea awards – Louis Vicat
• Grand Prix – € 7 500
• Focus: The ports of the future – € 2 500

Innovation and architecture for space awards
• Grand Prix – € 7 500
• Focus: Solar power satellites – € 2 500

Architecture and sea level rise awards
• Grand Prix – € 7 500
• Focus : The African coastline – € 2 500

Each jury reserves the rights to attribute the Grand prix to the laureate of the category’s focus award thus attributing him or her both prizes. It is possible to win both the prizes of a category if the project responds to the requirements and shows excellence.

Conditions of participation

The competition is free and is destined to architects, engineers, designers, whether they are students or professionals. The candidates are invited to put together multidisciplinary teams for the competition in order to value collective thinking and cross-curricular competencies.

Registration/Project submission

A single website is made available for the candidates:


The Jacques Rougerie Foundation is supported by an international network of multidisciplinary experts in their respective fields: the Sea, Space, and Sea level rise. This year, the Foundation is honoured to receive the support from the organisation Afrikarchi to accompany it with the focus «The African coastline».

Key dates

May 30th 2017: Registration opening
November 19th 2017: Submission closing
December 4th – 8th 2017: Jury meeting
January 2018: Award ceremony

International Database

The Jacques Rougerie Foundation reserves to itself a right to select projects that will appear in its Database :

This freely available database contains a wide range of architectural projects related to the Sea, Space and the Sea Level Rise.

Download the information related to this competition here.

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