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The Design Challenge

Owing to a thriving national economy and its strategic location at the periphery of Metro Manila, Silang is now realizing its potential in becoming a catalyst for economic growth for agricultural and eco-tourism. Its vast land area is suitable for agriculture and real estate to high-end leisure development and private farming enclaves, making Silang ripe for new development.

Alongside Anthology Architecture and Design Festival, Lotus Central Mall Inc. invites you to design an Events Pavilion to host your life milestones within a ten-hectare property. The Events Pavilion aims to attract a pool of guests seeking a venue to hold events and conferences or celebrate weddings and corporate parties at a site conveniently situated a stone throw away from the urban densities of the metro. The pavilion must hold the basic requirements outlined in the annex below.

As the pavilion will occupy only a portion of the site, participants are invited to create a site development proposal for other potential land uses that complement the events pavilion. The master plan of the property may include the likes of overnight stay villas or vacation rooms for rent, a chapel, a farm-to-table restaurant, a lake for recreational activities, a wellness spa and a souvenir shop are only some examples – these will be determined based on the design direction put forward by the participants.

Project Objectives

  • Design an iconic, but economically feasible events pavilion and chapel to accommodate the requirements outlined below.
  • Identify possible land uses on the subject property, considering the suitability and compatibility of the proposed development with the surrounding environs.
  • Propose an implementable master plan for the 10-hectare development that integrates the identity of Cavite and provides economic opportunity for its surround- ing neighborhood.


Prizes will be awarded at the Gala Night of Anthology Architecture and Design Festival on Sunday, the 17th of February 2019. At least one team member must be present at the Gala Night to receive the cash prizes or these will otherwise be forfeited.

Grand Prize PHP 150,000 – The winner will have the opportunity to work with Lotus Central Mall Inc. to realize their proposal for the project.

1st Runner-up PHP 30,000