This page gives you information and advice on keeping your subscription up-to-date. In return for all the member benefits we provide, we charge an annual subscription. This also helps to support our work promoting members on the global stage. Your annual subscription is payable anytime each year and we’ll send you a notification at the end of expiry date before.

Why become a member

Being an CompetitionArchi member does not just open the door to exciting opportunities in your designing career and personal development. It also gives you access to a first-class range of design competition services to support you in your professional life. Please click here to see more about us.

Member benefits and services

CompetitionArchi keeps you at the leading-edge of the profession with a range of benefits and services which include:

  • Members will receive the latest news and notification about the coming design competitions every week;
  • Members will receive e-books and e-magazines about the latest exhibition and online lessons;
  • Journal subscription 1 Year Free for Registered Members, Architects and Participts;
  • Members will receive unique username and password to manage dashboard for promoting and publizicing your personal design work for free (we don’t charge additional fees);
  • Members will receive design consultancy for their art and work;
  • Members will receive promo code to have discount when participating competitions;
  • Company Members can publish commercial ads on our websites for free (we don’t charge additional fees);
  • Members will have the chance to be a global influencer and build your professional network in architecture design;

2018 subscription fees

The fees are based on your income and circumstances. These are the annual membership fees for 2018:

  1. Full Membership/Company Membership/Architect Mambership: $57.85
  2. Academic Membership/Student Membership/Education Membership: $47.85
  3. Concessionary Membership/Specialisation Membership: $37.85
  4. Admission fees: $10.00
  5. Life Membership: Please contact us for more information

How to pay fees and subs

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Have a question about paying your fees and subscriptions?

Do you have a question about the fees and subscriptions process? Our advisory team have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to support you through this process.