Today, 20th July 2019, marks the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, an event that changed the course of our world’s future. In honour of the Lunar Surface and humanity’s first steps in space, we are very excited to announce the winner of Moonception 2019. This architecture design competition challenged the participants to design an inter-planetary habitation on the Moon, one that would merge design and technology seamlessly to welcome humankind on the lunar surface.

The jury for the competition consisted of revered designers Barbara Kuit (IBA – Information Based Architecture, United Kingdom), Kevin Lamyuktseung (SO-IL OFFICE, United States), Mark Hemel (IBA – Information Based Architecture, United States) and Margot Krasojevic (Margot Krasojevic Architecture, China).

The top three winners were awarded a total prize money of $4000 while ten entries received honourable mentions.

Here are the winning entries. The full results for the Moonception 2019 competition can be found on