Register: JAN/11/2019, Submit: JAN/11/2019, Eligibility: Graduate students, graduates, professionals; individually, teams up to 5 members, Fee: Mode A: each participant – 20 EUR PayPal, 25 EUR Bank Transfer; Mode B: individually or teams – 30 EUR PayPal, 35 EUR Bank Transfer, Awards: Mode A: 500 EUR (excluding TAX) each participant; Mode B: 1,000 EUR (excluding TAX) individually or team; Honorable Mentions

The Bayard station, completed in 1839, united Naples (Italy) with the city of Portici and was the first Italian railway connection. The ancient Bourbon factory has long been in a state of total abandonment: the vegetation completely covers the construction, preventing the perception of the volumes that compose it. The competition aims to enhance the building by identifying new function; the intervention will have to safeguard part of the previous masonry walls and foresee contemporary-style logics as happened for the recovery project of the nearby BRIN69. It will become a Service Center with hotel rooms and offices that allows people in transit to find a temporary location and to the local community to rent new work spaces as identified by urban planning for the area of Naples East. A pole of attraction that with a new function becomes an element of union between past and present.


Volume A

The existing walls must be preserved (the height of the floors must be maintained even if the same are to be restored) and part of the main façade remains intact (the parts in yellow – with “missing parts” layer – plan, elevations and sections in the file CAD provided as a result of registration are deficient) providing within the volume 4 offices, distributed on two levels, which have an area between 30-60 m2. The height of the volume must be maintained and cannot be raised.

Volume B

It can be demolished, totally or partially, or recovered by providing a hotel with a coffee area of about 100 m2, and 15-20 rooms distributed on two levels, double and single, with an area between 20-30 m2. In the event of total demolition of the volume, the new sector must insist on the identified project area and not exceed 15 meters in height.

Volume C-C1

It must be demolished and redesigned by designing within the project area a new compartment with a maximum height of 15 meters and which includes 6-8 offices, spread over several levels, which have an area between 30-60 m2.

It is necessary to provide the entire Service Center with outdoor green areas, the surface is free, and an underground parking for 20-30 cars. The daily flow within the new sector is expected around an average of 200-300 people.

NapoliCall: New Service Center for the first Italian railway - site area


Site of project: Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 390, Napoli, Italy

Surface: 2000 m2