The National Palace Museum (NPM) has organized a series of design competitions, campus seminars, representations and award ceremonies to promote the cultural and creative industry, pass down a wealth of Chinese cultures and train talents to create products derived from national treasures. Continuously upholding the spirit of the NPM AWARD, the 8th National Treasure Merchandise Design Competition aims to share cultural relics to the public, promote diverse applications of aesthetics and support the development of the cultural and creative industry. Entrants are expected to get inspired by the understanding of national treasures and creative thinking and create products derived from cultural relics. This is the main goal that the National Palace Museum strives to achieve and the common mission which it has as a museum, along with facilitating the development of design talents in the industry, the government and the academia.


The subject of the 8th National Treasure Merchandise Design Competition is folk festivals. Entrants are expected to get inspired by select cultural relics from the National Palace Museum Open Data (https://theme.npm.edu.tw/opendata/). Categories of the competition are divided into Home Accessories and Graphic Art. Entries must be available for mass production.

1. Home accessories: Home accessories include all kinds of daily necessities, such as furniture, tableware, kitchen utensils, bedding, lighting, storage, ornaments, dolls, toys, and clothing accessories, regardless of their materials; single units or serial sets are acceptable. Entries must be available for mass production. For shortlisted entries, the mass production analysis and physical samples must be submitted.

2. Graphic art: Graphic art includes any application of visual art, such as printing, books, illustrations, packaging and picture books. Entries can be created with symbols, images and texts and by a variety of ways, including computer drawing or freehand drawing, regardless of styles and media; single units or serial sets are acceptable. For shortlisted entries, sample products must be submitted. For entries created by freehand drawing, the originals must be submitted.


1. Individual or groups (up to 5 people) graduating from senior (vocational) high schools or above and workers, regardless of nationality, are eligible for the 8th National Palace Museum Award.

2. For groups, a representative must be indicated in the application form. The organizer will address the notice or prize to the representative.

3. For entrants under 20 years old, consent of their legal representatives must be obtained with signatures. A copy of the entrant’s and the legal representative’s ID must be attached (refer to Appendix 3 Consent Form for an Entrant Under 20 Years Old), or the application is not considered to be completed.


Preliminary Selection 2018/10/1 (Monday)~

2019/3/15 (Friday) 5:00 p.m.

Entries must be submitted in person or by mail before the deadline.
Announcement of Shortlisted Entries 2019/4/16 (Tuesday) Announcement of shortlisted entries
Submission of Shortlisted Entries 2019/4/17 (Wednesday)

~2019/5/31 (Friday)

5:00 p.m.

Submission of presentations and models (originals for entries created by freehand drawing)
Final Selection 2019/6/14 (Friday) On-site presentations
Announcement of Winning Entries 2019/6/21 (Friday) Announcement on the official website
Representations and Award Ceremony 2019/8/01 (Thursday) Representations and award ceremony

Any change will be updated on the official website



Selection Criteria

Scope of Evaluation definition Percentage
Culture Application and cultural interpretation of national treasures 30>#/td###
Market Possibility of commercialization, market potential and originality 35%
Aesthetics and Creativity Modeling, composition, design, color configuration and educational outreach 35%



Entries winning Gold, Silver, Bronze and Judges’ Choice Award will be granted a prize and a certificate respectively. Shortlisted entries will be granted a certificate. Entries will be developed into the NPM products, and the author name will be indicated on the package or description card.

   Category Award Quantity Prize Content
Home Accessories Gold 1 NTD150,000 Reward and certificate
Home Accessories Silver 1 NTD120,000 Reward and certificate
Home Accessories Bronze 1 NTD90,000 Reward and certificate
  Graphic Art Gold 1 NTD150,000 Reward and certificate
Graphic Art Silver 1 NTD120,000 Reward and certificate
Graphic Art Bronze 1 NTD90,000 Reward and certificate
    Home Accessories & Graphic Art Judges’ Choice 1 NTD70,000 Reward and certificate

 ★Note: Award winners will be deducted 10% income tax complying with the Tax Law of Taiwan. Foreign award winners will be deducted 20% income tax.

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