Open call:

We are inviting designers (p.e. graphic designers, interior designers, fashion designers and all kinds of designers), architects, artists, and all related to design professionals to submit their proposals and projects, relevant to the 1st Thessaloniki Design Week that will take place at Thessaloniki – Greecefrom 4th till 10th of May of 2019.

Thessaloniki Design Week is an initiative of NPO PHILARTIA in cooperation with the Municipality of Thessaloniki, but also with other institutions and teams, active in the areas of planning, education, culture and entrepreneurship.

RE-CREATION is the slogan of the first Thessaloniki Design Week and the general axis and theme of the agenda and the events, aiming to express the dynamics that our society needs to develop in order to meet the challenges, the opportunities and the possibilities of the new era.
A number of events and activities will be spread in Thessaloniki, based on the following thematic sections:

1. Re-forming the future
In the new era, where digital technologies are changing rapidly not only ways of production of goods but also people’s attitudes, innovative design gains a broad, holistic significance in the lives of all of us. But it is not just about the present, as its every new step shows also what is going to exist in the future.

2. Re-generating the space
Developments that rapidly change production structures in modern societies leave behind shells in need of re-generation and transformation into new utilitarian infrastructures. Spaces and urban landscapes, new landmarks and their equipment get a new shape of life, creating poles of innovative behavior and urbanity.

3. Re-branding the identity
The new consumer needs and habits and the modern products they create do not only contain their own value but are also surrounded by projection and disposal systems, that in many ways stimulate the need to acquire and consume them. The qualities do exist, but acquire more complex and differentiated features, which give new identities and values to goods and services.

4. Re-thinking our abilities
In a world that is constantly reforming production models, with affected societies and others that get to the fore, the personal skills of individuals are under constant judgment and need of adjustment. However, whichever the crisis and disaster’s impact, it may contain the seeds of a new creativity, an evolutionary process of producing new ideas and abilities.

5. Re-fining our senses
Even for our primary, living needs, the satisfaction that accompanies them acquires deeper and more substantial completeness when the whole spectrum of our senses is stimulated and a total experience and overall pleasure is achieved. Everything that constitutes the well-being is detected, combined and re-fined, creating the new fugue of our bliss.

6. Re-defining our ideas
Every expression of creativity, every new idea, is anxious for its appearance, its weighting by the public, its possible recognition. Invitations that are challenging for new creators are the driving force for new productivity and growth.

Applications should be sent till 10/1/2019 to the following address: [email protected] and should include:

The profile of the applicant/applicant team, including full contact data, resume, achievements and possible previous exhibitions of the project.
The title of the project and details in Greek or English.
Photos of the projects in HD if already designed.
Possible installation requirements.

All application will be examined after all the above are completed and will be judged according to the level of:

relevance with the general axis and the thematic sections of the 1st TDW,
project’s requirements – suitable to the places available,
aesthetic quality.

The participation of the applicants will be free of charge and applicants should cover their own and their project’s costs.

The most impressive and relevant to the 1st Thessaloniki Design Week projects, will be selected and all their costs will be covered.

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