Registration Deadline: November 15th, 2018
Submission Deadline: December 1st, 2018
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Competition Website:
Competition Email: [email protected]

First Prize (1 team): Honor certificate + Bonus 100,000RMB (before tax, around 15,000USD)
Second Prize (4 teams): Honor certificate + Bonus 30,000RMB (before tax, around 4,500USD)
Third Prize (10 teams): Honor certificate + Bonus 10,000RMB (before tax, around 1,500USD)
Honorable Mentions (several teams): Honor certificate

Nanjing Urban Planning Bureau;
Nanjing South New Town Development and Construction Management Committee
Organizer: CBC (China Building Centre)
Technical Supporters:
Urban Planning & Design Institute of Southeast University
China Culture and Technology Innovation Service Alliance

Theme and Interpretation
“Nanjing Dajiaochang Airport Renewal Plan – RUNWAY PARK International Design Competition for Young Designers” is an exploration to improve the quality of public space and a journey to search the design originality and artistic creativity. Considering the runway park as a public space for cultural events and daily activities of citizens and corresponding construction aspects such as landscape furniture, urban installation , lighting device (on the runway or public space on the both sides) and urban signage system, participants are required to come up with creative proposals and figure out especially reversible and mobile designs with awareness of the historical features as well as current situation of the site (design scope should be within the Runway Park of Nanjing South New Town and detailed drawings could be seen in the Appendix). The topic and function of design is self-determined.

Introduction of the Site
Nanjing is the capital city of Jiangsu province and the only mega city in the Yangtze River Delta Area and East China, located in the important convergence zone of “The Belt and Road” and Yangtze River Economic Region. Nanjing South New Town, located in the southeast of the main city of Nanjing, consists of the relocated. Dajiaochang Airport District and the South High-speed Railway Station District, covering 164 square kilometers with a planned population around 1.6 million. Originally was a training field for battalion in Ming Dynasty, Dajiaochang Airport which has witnessed the transformation of modern China was officially closed in 2015, its story is expected to be continued. The master planning of Nanjing South New Town District proposed an idea of an airfield runway park, open to the public to showcase the past, the present and the future of Nanjing, inviting an inclusive participation from citizens.

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