Why model making?

Physical Model Making is one of the most crucial skills required by a student of Architecture throughout the five years as well as later in life as professionals! It is one of the most used tools during design, however the least taught in colleges.

Very often students get intimidated by complex forms during the designing process as they do not have the know how of making a physical model of their ideas.

A model provides architects with the immediacy and flexibility we crave as designers while also allowing us to grasp the physicality—a feeling that digital modeling software can rarely provide.

What to Expect from this workshop?

Crux of Model Making

Lecture and Hands on Work to help you answer some basic questions like When to make what scale model? and Understanding what Materials go where.

New Materials and Techniques

Learn about New Materials and Techniques such as Laser cutting and 3D Printing and also receive a Material Catalogue for each student.

Cracking complex architecture forms

Training and lectures about software’s that to help to crack complex architecture forms.

Add to your Portfolio

Hands on Group Work and a Time problem during the workshop requires you to create a final outcome. These designs can be added to your portfolio.

Eligiblity for the workshop

Students of Architecture ( 1st to 5th year)

Students pursuing Masters in Architecture

Graduates practising Architecture

Architecture and modelling enthusiasts.

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