Believe it or not, we’re already at the end of 2014. That means there’s only a couple of months until the Milan World Expo 2015, which starts May 1 through October 31, 2015.

[AC-CA]’s [MILAN] World Expo Pavilion competitioninvited the international architecture and design community to submit their own ideas for an Information Pavilion located inside the World Expo Park.

At the end of the single-stage competition, three top-prize winners and seven honorable mentions were selected. [AC-CA] currently has no plans for the Pavilion to be realized.

Check out the winning designs below. (Click images to embiggen)

1ST PRIZE (US$3,500) winners: Klaudiusz Angerman, Monika Nowak, Michal Krywult, Anna Karas. Country: Poland. Team Type: Architect
2ND PRIZE (US$1,700) winners: Giuseppe Cericola, Vincenzo Marinelli. Country: Italy. Team Type: Architect
3RD PRIZE (US$800): Yi Zhang, Ping Liu. Country: Australia. Team Type: Student

Click through the gallery below to see the Honorable Mentions.

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