• Tiny Homes are hot these days – more and more people are seeing the value of drastic downsizing in favour of increased financial freedom and reduced consumption and footprint. These are also important values that are core to Rise’s existence – helping you save money while reducing your footprint.
  • So what better way to kick-off our online platform than with a competition that will give you – architects, designers, and DIY design geniuses – the opportunity to see your designs come to life. Rise, in partnership with SketchUp will not only give you the chance to compete for bragging rights, but also to see your creativity become reality as the winning design will be used to build a sustainable, (hopefully) off-grid tiny home for a deserving family.
  • You’re tasked with inventing/designing a tiny home to be used by a family. Here’s what should be part of a successful design:
  • The home maximizes the use of sustainably-minded/sourced, low embodied energy, non-toxic, and local products/techniques in its construction. A good place to start to get ideas could be on Rise…
  • The home is preferably off-grid (and/or net-metered)
  • Use of space: Since this will be the future home of a small family, a kitchen, full bathroom, and minimum three beds are required.
  • Geography: The home’s location will be in New Brunswick, Canada – we strongly encourage the consideration of the local climate in the design submissions.
  • Power/Heat: The home should take advantage of the sun as its primary source of energy, so a solar array is recommended but not mandatory (keeping in mind it still needs to be off-grid). Storage for any solar infrastructure should be part of the design. Heat source(s) should also be an important part of the design.
  • Size: Tiny homes make the most of every square inch, so be mindful of this by being cost effective while minimizing environmental footprint – the overall dimensions should not exceed 400 sq. ft. (or 37.2m2) of total floor area. Maximum height – 22 ft (or 6.71m)
  • Installation: Should be ready for install on a slab – suggestions on materials to use for foundation are also welcome.
  • Cost: The cost for the build should not exceed $45,000 in materials.

All entrants will have their design ideas showcased on Rise’s site – the chosen design will receive a cash prize of $1,000, and will see their design become reality as Rise will have the design built, and delivered to a deserving family.

Honourable mentions will also be delivered to the runners up of the competition.

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    Call for Entries: Rise Tiny Home Design Challenge
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    21/07/2017 23:59
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    21/07/2017 23:59
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