Influence the future of Riverside, CA by merging design & tech to positively impact tourism in the city. #RUH17

Riverside hosts amazing events every year, like the Festival of Lights, but the challenge of attracting tourists and caring for their needs is an ever-shifting target.

The #RUH17 challenge is to create new and engaging tools & experiences for tourism in downtown Riverside.

Participants may select from any facet of tourism from urban planning considerations, new types of events, to entertaining mobile apps. The only requirement is that proposals are actionable and use downtown Riverside as their canvas. We encourage participants to think creatively about what challenges tourists commonly face, what draws them in, and what types of events they want to see.

The winner will be selected during the Riverside Startup Week by jurors from business, design, and community organizations. However, these jurors will not act alone. Every submission will be shared on social media. Since Riverside is a global destination, the spirit of #RUH17 is to actively seek the global community’s input. Submissions with higher levels of community input and online discussion have a distinct advantage.

Unlike traditional competitions that keep everything hidden to the very end, participants are encouraged to share early and share often. Participants should also attempt to measure their proposal’s social media impact and demonstrate it’s success in the final summary submission.

Videos may include product demos (of a new app for example), interviews, animations, and anything else that helps bring your proposal to life. Participants may share and submit an unlimited number of videos.

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