Architecture community platform SkyCity has announced the winners of their biannual “SkyCity Challenge,” collecting over 180 entries from more than 50 countries. Established in 2016 in BROAD Town, China, SkyCity aims to confront the contemporary problems in housing.


The challenge was to create a build-system proposal for Broad Group, which is currently investigating their new material called BCORE. The task was to design a home that can be dismantled after a period of time and used again as if it were just simple prefab modular pieces (eg. LEGO® or IKEA®). A home made out of ready-made slabs which together form a simple disassemblable set. The prefabricated pieces had to be easily transportable using traditional shipping containers which when flat-packed are assemblable anywhere on our planet by the use of a small crew with equipment.


Jurors analyzed the aesthetics, disassemblability, stackability, housing strategy, eco-friendliness and the off-grid possibility of the entries as well as the overall quality of the presentation itself. The jury highly valued proposals that explored the material directly and experimented with it, showing an interest in not only structural capabilities but also played with its aesthetics.




First Prize: “COLLECTIVE GEOMETRIES” by Manuel Lopes, Raphaelle Paire, Olga Litwa, Maya Iwdal (Sweden)

Second Prize: “CELL HOUSE” by Daniel Marin Parra, Juan Martin Arias Cardona (Colombia)

Third Prize: “GRASSROOTS ECO-HOME” by Soraya Somarathne, (Hong-Kong)

Fourth Prize: “ELASTIC HOME” by Quynh Nghi Nguyen, Tan Dat Le, Que Ly Tran, Tan Thang Nguyen, (Vietnam)

Fifth Prize: “NOSTALGIA UTOPIA” by Jiawei Liang, Tao Hong (China)

Sixth Prize: “b” by Miguel Morillas Machetti, Elena Llácer Velert, Raquel Cullen La Rosa (Spain)

Seventh Prize: “LIVING FORMULA” by Jie Liu (Canada)

Eighth Prize: “SIMCITY 4.0” by Elizaveta Khaziakhmetova, Ilnar Akhtiamov, Rezeda Akhtiamova (Russia)


The Steel Hut” by Santiago Tamayo (Mexico)

Cube 9X9” by Anna Aleksandrova (Russia)

Tetris City” by Hung Nguyen, Uyen Nguyen (Vietnam)

Yuan” by Louise Shin, Enica Deng, Ye Rin Choi, Wesley Fong, Robin Nong (Canada)

O2 CO.Farm” by José Ramón del Rey Ortega, Natalia Carolina Sosa (Spain)

Newthink” by Michał Kacprzyk (Poland)

Worker’s House” by Marcus Barbosa, Gabriel Thomé de Oliveira, Luíza de Santos Souza (Brazil)

Blockout” by Starostina Anastasiia, Iafziov Emil, Liliia Iaryeva (Russia)