Nestled in the Jiangsu Province, the architects at SCA | Steven Chilton Architects were inspired by the Sea of Bamboo Park in Yixing China to create a beautiful 2000 seat theatre. The Wuxi TAIHU Theatre, a finalist in this year’s World Architecture Festival, was designed to represent an abstract representation of the largest bamboo forest in China. The festival is a platform for architects to present completed buildings and future projects.

The SCA team presented this theatre concept which subtly transforms the surrounding area into a serene bamboo dreamland. The structure’s tall white columns and shaded canopy create a mesmerizing partition between the building’s facade and the surrounding landscape. Functioning both as a public building and a structural illusion it evokes an almost ethereal appearance.

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Steven Chilton Architects
Steven Chilton Architects

Beyond its elegantly designed exterior, the primary structural elements of the building also provide functional properties. The canopy’s triangular bays act not only as visual accents but also contain aluminum louvres that are part of a triangular lattice structure. These structures braces the tops of the columns and transfers their load into the building. The environmental purpose of the canopy and columns are to provide shade over the surface of the façade to passively lower the cooling load on the building.

Steven Chilton Architects

During the night, the structure is illuminated from below creating a breathtaking view of the facade. Acting almost like a beacon, the light from the structure radiates from across Lake Taihu drawing audiences towards the theatre. Set to open in December 2019, the much anticipated project will truly be a sight to see.

Steven Chilton Architects

A contender for this years World Architecture Festival, the team at SCA have created an inspiring structure, paying homage to China’s iconic bamboo forests. Last year’s 2017 World Architecture Festival winner also hailed from China with their post-earthquake reconstruction/demonstration project of Guangming Village in Zhaotong. Results for the 2018 World of Architecture Festival will be announced later this year.

Steven Chilton Architects

Architect: SCA | Steven Chilton Architects
Client: Dalian Wanda Group
Architecture and Design Management: Wanda Cultural Tourism Planning & Research Institute Co. Ltd
Concept Engineer: Buro Happold Engineering
Theatre Consultant: Auerbach Pollock Friedlander
Show Design: Dragone
LDI: Tongji Architectural Design