A Swiss Room to Showcase Lausanne’s Candidature to organize the 28th UIA Congress.

The challenge posed by this competition is to design a place object which encapsulates the ideas behind the topic of “Architecture and Water”. It involves creating a place to showcase Lausanne’s Candidature which offers an intuitive approach to the multiple ramifications of this topic. It should, effectively, act as a laboratory of ideas. This place-object must be able to house a table and 4 chairs for discussions, presentation of the candidature, etc. It will be located in the hall of the Convention center in Seoul.


  • Title

    Open Call for a Swiss Room in Seoul
  • Type

    Competition Announcement (Student Competitions)
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  • Organizers

    Lausanne UIA 2023 committee, supported by the SIA (Engineer and Architect Society) and the FAS (Federation of Swiss Architects).
  • Submission Deadline

    03/07/2017 12:00
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