It’s graduation time. As universities around the globe—or at least most in the Northern hemisphere, where over 80% of the world’s universities are located—come to the end of the academic year, many university architecture studios have recently closed out the construction of pavilions, installations, and other small educational projects. For the third straight yearArchDaily is calling on recently-graduated readers to submit their projects for our round-up of the best pavilions, installations and experimental structures created by students from all over the world.

Once again, we’re teaming up with all of ArchDaily en Español, ArchDaily Brasil, and ArchDaily China, in the hope that we can present the best work from graduating students worldwide to a worldwide audience. Read on to find out how you can take part.

Please use the form below to submit a Google Drive Folder containing images and a brief description of your project. Submissions close on Friday, June 30th at 12:00 pm ET.


  • Projects must be real-life construction projects (no unbuilt proposals).
  • Projects must have involved the work of students, and have been undertaken for educational purposes.
  • Projects must have been completed in the most recent graduation period for your country.
  • Submissions should be through Google Drive only.
  • Please set the permissions of the Google Drive Folder to “Anyone with the link can edit”
  • Images should be in jpeg or png format, and text in a Google Doc or Microsoft Word.
  • Please do not upload zipped files. We would like to be able to review your work online, without downloading.
  • Submissions that do not conform to these rules will not be considered for publication.


  • Individual images of your project are preferable to presentation boards.
  • We expect a high volume of submissions, so please make your written explanation as concise as possible.
  • Unless stated otherwise, we will attribute images as “courtesy of” the submitter. If your images should be attributed otherwise, please include a contact sheet in the folder with the necessary copyright details.
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