This “Factory” is a symbolic example of rural court in the Po valley, a real social and organizational model of agricultural work in past ages. The complex is the result of a series of stratifications, incorporations and reductions, which started in the period between the end of the XVI century and the beginning of the XVII century, and ended, with reference to the master building, in the first half of the XIX century. The history of the complex has not been adequately investigated yet, and this Announcement aims to be also an opportunity to further delve into it.

The purpose of the Competition is to enhance the entirety of the complex, considering the possibility to adopt new intended uses, with special reference to new sustainable business models, compatible with the historic and architectonic safeguard of the complex. These proposals must be respectful of the structure and the image of the court, and must aim to resurface its inherent historical, artistic and testimonial values. Preference will be accorded to proposals that aim to preserve the architectonical image. Changes can be made: additions will be favoured as opposed to reductions, and must be aimed to the re-functionalisation of the artefacts; reductions (demolitions) are allowed, but will have to be justified in the report attached to the project.

This Announcement is published in the following languages: Italian, English and Russian.
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  • Title

    Call for Entries: “The Ideal Court” Competition for the Enhancement of Corte Grande di Canedole
  • Type

    Competition Announcement (Ideas)
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  • Submission Deadline

    16/03/2018 17:27
  • Venue

    46048 Roverbella (Mn) – Italy
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