The ‘Lighthouse’ competition involves the design of an un-manned structure with a light-source to aid the navigation of passing ships. The structure may be construction from any material, and innovation is encouraged. The only requirement is that the light-source is accessible for maintenance.

  • Budget: €20,000 (Not including electrical equipment)
  • Area: N/A
  • Height: N/A
  • Entry cost: €20
  • Submission form: Digital – email to: [email protected]
  • Teams: Groups of up to 5 people may enter
  • Registration Deadline: Friday 23rd February 2018 @ Midday UTC+2 (Local time)
  • Submission Deadline: Friday 23rd February 2018 @ Midday UCT+2 (Local time)

An information pack containing the brief and aerial photographs of the site will be sent to the email address provided upon registration.


The winning entry will be constructed after consultation and agreement with local landowners and planning officials.

All entries will be exhibited at the Cyprus School of Architecture in an open public event in July 2018. The entries will also be published in print and online.


The competition is open to students, recent graduates, and qualified architects.

Teams of up to 5 will be allowed.

After registration, an information pack including an extended brief and aerial photographs of the site will be issued to the email address provided, if this is different to the address registered with PayPal, then please send an email with this information after registration to [email protected]