THE STORIES OF INTERIOR:Multiple Perspectives on Interiority

There is a significantly growing discourse evolving on the topic of interiority, that calls for reconsideration of inhabitation process in our living environments, and extends its potential beyond the bounded internality of architectural spaces. The attempts of rethinking interiority challenge spatial dichotomies, promote interdependence, and offer insights from different culture and perspectives. These attempts may emerge from diverse stories of engagements with interiority. Following the previous dialog during 1st Conference on Interiority and Interior Architecture in 2014, this year conference seeks to provoke further conversation that reflects multiple perspectives on interiority.

Extending the concept of interiority provides further thinking beyond the binaries in living spaces, and allows for enquiry towards living practices situated beyond traditional configurations of public and private domains. The concept of interiority encourages the understanding of interdependence among actors, objects and spaces as emerging network rather than as separated entities. The concept of interiority also acknowledge the diversity of living practices emerged in different social and cultural contexts, each narrating their own stories.

Understanding and researching interiority call for multidisciplinary approaches, ranging from urban, architectural and interior studies, to other fields of study with pertinent concern on the tangible and intangible aspects of interiority. This conference invites global and multidisciplinary contributors to join the discourse of interiority by proposing multiple perspectives on interiority as a way to construct different stories of interior. We expect submissions within the scope of the following themes.

1. Encounters of Interiority
2. Systems of Interiority
3. Interiority and Critical Issues of Human Inhabitation

Prospective authors are invited to submit their abstract by sending a maximum 250 words in English and send it to [email protected] in .doc/.docx format by 31 July 2017.

All submitted abstracts will go through blind review process by the scientific committee. Authors will be notified of the acceptance on 22 August 2017.

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    Call for Abstracts: The Stories of Interior – Multiple Perspectives on Interiority
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    Call for Submissions
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    31/07/2017 23:30
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    Universitas Indonesia
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    350 USD
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