The results of the largest European-scale competition for young architects and professionals under 40, Europan, have been unveiled. Traditionally focused on large-scale housing projects, the latest competition is themed ‘Productive Cities,” and asks participants to imagine how cities across Europe can return the productive economy to the city and re-integrate ‘production’ and small-scale urban manufacturing.

“Die Fabrik.” Winner: Kriens, Switzerland.

For a quick rundown on the stats for Europan 14, this edition started out with 1,223 entries for the 44 assigned sites based in 15 countries. Once the overall competition pool narrowed down to 244 shortlisted projects, the 11 Europan juries picked a total of 136 rewarded teams consisting of 41 winners, 47 runner-ups, and 48 special mentions. The winning and runner-up teams respectively receive a prize of €12,000 and €6,000. For more information on the winner and a complete listing of results, visit here.

“Lateral Coalescence.” Winner: Helsinki, Finland.

Recognizing the best urban and architectural proposals for assigned sites throughout the continent, the winning competition entries addressed a variety of pressing social and economic issues that many European cities have been experiencing, while also working toward sustainable development and adaptability. The main issue in this session’s winning projects is “the creation of new typologies creating a diversity of uses and practices among citizens.” In addition, the winning projects illustrate the deep interest of young European practitioners in urban resilience, sustainable urbanism, diversification, and the incorporation of nature into their urban environment.