The results are out for ideasforward’s 24H competition, whose prompt — which is only revealed on competition day — highlights social issues, climate change, humanitarian causes, and modern sociologic problems. With “Memories” as the 6th edition’s theme, the speedy competition challenged participants to design their own interpretation of a “time capsule museum” to be opened by Earth’s future inhabitants in the year 3000.

With only 24 hours to complete their submissions, entrants worldwide shared a splendid mix of design approaches that rethink the time capsule and the museum, with many of the entries referring to current environmental and social issues.

At the end of the competition, three winners and seven honorable mentions were announced. The 6th edition jury featured Atelier de Carduso, Onat Oktem, Augusto Marcelino, António Labrincha and last but not least, Bustler and Archinect‘s Justine Testado.

Check out all the winning entries below.

1ST PRIZEDeborah Feldman and Cosmin O. Galatianu | Bucharest, Romania

Jury Comments:

“’Future and past ‘captured’ on an intriguing and timeless way, although sequence of events could be difficult to predict. Poetic, elegante approach to memory and what a museum / time capsule could be'”. — Augusto Marcelino

“‘A poetic way to explain the evolution of the earth and the universe, through the interpretation of memory while constellation. Through the uncertainty of how the technology will be in the year 3000 the project uses the first measuring instrument of time created by the humankind, guaranteed its functioning through its simplicity.’  — Atelier do Cardoso

“Great proposal and highly effective in result”. — António Labrincha

“This aptly titled proposal stands out with its elegant, thematically cohesive approach. Through the pastime of stargazing, it invigorates the senses by instilling invaluable curiosity. The proposal poetically alludes to ‘cherishing the moment’ as described in the competition brief as well as the familiar notion of making the best of each day — and night — of the present. It also creatively expresses the integration of basic natural elements and forces (air, water, light, gravity) working harmoniously with an ancient device invented by humans.” — Justine Testado

2ND PRIZE: Simon Oudiette | Strasbourg, France

2ND PRIZE: Simon Oudiette | Strasbourg, France

Jury Comments:

“The space created by this proposal bring us the sense of memorie in poetic way”. — António Labrincha

“A story told in direct speech that you can have the perception of the design intention that ends with the force of nature to overcome the memories, leaving only a ruin to study. A strong image which are present all the elements, time, nature, man and memories in the form of container”. — Atelier do Cardoso

“The proposal’s method of showcasing a collection of capsule containers is aesthetically captivating, while also critical about our cultural worship of consumerism and its dire contributions to ongoing environmental and societal issues. Although this narrative’s dystopic slant was common among other entries, its ‘plot twist’ on the inevitability of human oversight — despite good intentions — in an architectural context makes it an overall compelling proposal that challenges the competition’s theme of Memory.” — Justine Testado

“Interesting thought of time, abandonment and future knowledge. The irony of predictability and presumption”. — Augusto Marcelino

3RD PRIZE: Joanna Orlowska, Adrianna Gilert | Gdansk, Poland

3RD PRIZE: Joanna Orlowska, Adrianna Gilert | Gdansk, Poland

Jury Comments:

“Very creative project, a sensory space, strong in concept, a tectonic proposal that bring us to oniric space”. — António Labrincha

“Careful consideration on the interaction between man and museum. Appealing location and promenade with a dichotomy of freedom and “social contract”, clear metal / rough nature, leading to an introspective yet timeless perception of mankind”. — Augusto Marcelino

“The strongest aspect of this entry is how organic its design concept is, letting time and nature itself run its course. The proposal is nicely balanced with a sense of realism to the idea of freedom with the structure’s physical barrier. It is seemingly effortless and straightforward yet distinctive, proving that simple concepts truly go a long way.” — Justine Testado

“A strong idea represented in a very subtle way that represents the memory while relationship between time and nature. Still exploring the concept of freedom through controlled limits. A proposal for a simple but impressive and progressive geometry”. — Atelier do Cardoso

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