The detailed requirements of the entries are as follows:

1. Images – A minimum of 6 images per project is necessary. There is no limit on images to be uploaded. But we request you to make a complete presentation with appropriate number of visuals as your project needs – Not too high – Not too low. (JPEG/GIF/PNG/TIFF) (120ppi)

2. Questionnaire given on the submission page under “Download resources”.

3. Cover image of size 2000 x 800 px or larger in aspect ratio 2.5:1.

4. Profile: Information heads to be completed in profile section (This serves as your registration form) – Bio, Info, Work, Education

5. (For Mode 2 Participants only) Cover Letter signed by college:

To do:

1. Have page/sheet number placed per image for sequential.

2. Have project name/topic/drawings clearly stated.

3. A light web presentation which has moderate density of information on images.

Short Description

UnFUSE a part of Uni serves as a platform to create a global community of architects and designers who are pushing the boundaries of architecture discipline to enrich our built environment. At UnFUSE we promote exceptional works, ideas, experimentation in the field of architecture, landscape, urban design, society, culture and ecology.
We as a designer invest a lot of time to bring our ideas on paper, to create something extraordinary like a graduation project that can change the kind of built environment we want around us, and make a better world. These ideas are the foundation to new possibilities that has the ability to take architecture ahead. With not limited only in the academia where they come from, but the whole fraternity with it. UnFUSE International Architecture Thesis Award (UnIATA 2019) is a step taken to identify and promote such exceptional projects across the globe. UnIATA will focus on the graduate and undergraduate projects happened in last 3 years and will bring it to the community of Uni.



Link to Competition

Link to Registration form


Winner – Worldwide – Best Masters Thesis Project
1000$, Trophy, Certificate
Winner – Worldwide – Best Bachelors Thesis Project
1000$, Trophy, Certificate
People’s Choice Winner – Worldwide – Most liked/voted project
500$, Trophy, Certificate
Best Institution for Graduation Projects – Worldwide
Certificate to all the members of entering team, Institutional Shield

Type of Competition

Open to the public/Minimum requirements (Open to anyone that complies with the requirements)

Who can Participate

1. UnIATA is open to people of all nationalities in the field of Architecture, Landscape and Urban Design. There is no entry fee for the award submission.
2. All the graduate/masters and undergraduate/bachelors projects completed in the calendar year 2017, 2018, and 2019 are eligible to take part in UnIATA 2019. Participants of UnIATA ’18 are not allowed to take part in UnIATA ’19.
3. Participation in the competition is free, however each participant will have to register on our platform at UNI to submit their entries separately.
4. Group as well as Individual entries are allowed, in such a case all the participants will have to register on our platform.
5. Employees of UNI/Jury member/Curator/ organizing panel or anyone who is in direct/close relation to them are barred from receiving any cash prize money. However, they can enter into the UnIATA to submit their entries. Such entries if found are worthy will be displayed under the shortlisted categories.

Dates and Time Frame

Registration Opens October 10, 2019
Registration Closes January 31, 2019
Deadline to Submit Project March 20, 2019
Winners announcement Date May 1, 2019



Location of Competition:


Additional Information

Banner, Poster, Brochure or Triptic of Competition