Register: NOV/30/2018, Submit: DEC/19/2018, Eligibility: Architecture students – undergraduate and graduate, recent graduates or related degrees; recent graduates who have graduated 2 years before of the competition, young architects; individually, teams up to 4 members, Fee: Individually 50 EUR, teams 75 EUR (AUG/03 – OCT/19/2018), individually 75 EUR, teams 100 EUR (OCT/20 – NOV/30/2018), Awards: 1st Prize 3,750 EUR, 2nd Prize 1,500 EUR, 3rd Prize 625 EUR, Arquideas Special Prize 500 EUR, up to 5 Honorable Mentions

Norway is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world thanks to its rugged nature with snaking glaciers, mountain areas in the interior that resemble natural fortresses, rocky islands that emerge from the sea and waterfalls that emanate a sublime and savage energy. Other natural wonders such as Aurora Borealis, the Midnight sun, the fjords and the tranquillity found in their national parks, showcase Norway’s virtues.

Norway’s main attraction, speaking in terms of natural beauty, resides in fjords. They form islands, islets and huge areas of land surrounded by water.

Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream and air currents caused by the Coriolis force, the Norwegian fjords enjoy a relatively mild climate and remain virtually ice-free. Different activities can be enjoyed such as hiking, climbing, kayaking, and other ways of moving around. The fjords plunge to more than 1,300 metres under the sea, as it is the case of the Sognefjord. This makes navigation of big cruises possible.

UNESCO has included Norway’s fjords, exemplified by the Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, in the World Heritage list. Norwegian cities are cosmopolitan and its architecture showcases the famous Scandinavian flair for design.

The objective of the present competition for students of architecture and young architects, Viewpoint of the Fjords (VOF), consists in proposing a space for contemplation and admiration of the environment that will produce an exchange between landscape and spectator. A space where nature plays a key role.

Landscape observation is the fundamental purpose of this architectural space. It must appreciate the virtues of the location and experiment new ways of contemplation.

Thanks to its privileged location, this new proposed space will become an international reference point for all visitors of this natural attraction.

VOF aspires to become the new meeting point for visitors and nature, a new place of understanding and an information point for hikers. In here, observation will become a unique sensory experience.

In a country so full of world-famous iconic images, this new space for contemplation must become an architectural reference for Norway.