We solicit new “apps” that will become the foundational building blocks of Wikitopia — “future cities created by everyone”. Here, we use the term “app” to refer to any idea that affects urban space or people’s activities within it, through spontaneous actions of citizens (physical, digital, or a combination thereof).

This is the second phase of our competition. We solicit ideas that either build on, or combine entries to the Phase 1 Competition (any of the 107 entries showcased on our website). In software engineering, it is routine to incrementally improve existing applications (e.g., version 1.0 -> version 1.1), or to develop new applications by combining components of existing software. Through the format of the Phase 2 Competition, we wish to test whether such software engineering practices can be applied to DIY-style urbanism. Within your submissions, please clearly indicate which Phase 1 entry/entries your new ideas are based on.

Also, in the Phase 2 Competition the site is more narrowly defined; this time, we solicit ideas targeting Ginza Sony Park, or areas in its immediate vicinity. (For plan drawings of Ginza Sony Park, please submit a request from our website.) Several of the Phase 2 Competition entries will be considered for actual deployment on site in 2019 or beyond.

As with the Phase 1 Competition, we expect ideas from a multitude of perspectives and disciplinary backgrounds. Anyone is eligible to enter, including people who did not participate in Phase 1 of our competition.

More information is available on our website (link below) and on our Medium post: https://medium.com/@wikitopia/…