The Appio Spagnolo Association announces the Contest of Ideas for the creation of design objects aiming at the promotion of the wine industry together with the handcrafted furniture industry, and encouraging the positive combination of these two important productive fields.

The following notice concerns the presentation of projects or studies in the fields of art, regarding both commercial and industrial areas, in which the awarding of the prize to the author of the selected work of art corresponds to the identification of it as a work performance and constitutes the recognition of the artist’s personal merit or the merit of the group the underwriter of the signatory to the notice belongs to.

The Appio Spagnolo Association intends to select projects aiming at the enhancing of the creative abilities of artisans working in the well-known Verona furniture industry together with the Veronese wine tradition.

The contest stems from the idea of bringing together three different productionrelated cultures – the wine culture, the fine furniture craftsmanship tradition and the culture of the project.

The contest provides the possibility to present, in its broadest meaning, any object, piece of art or furniture system concerning the use and the consumption of wine: Each object must be innovative, original (not seen before), and feasible. Projects and ideas that favour the use of wood will be preferred.

Prize €6,000