The Forks Renewal Corporation has launched an ideas competition for the redevelopment of Israel Asper Way from a four-lane roadway into a unique public space. The project will be known as Railside Promenade, a key component for the Railside at The Forks plan. Railside is planned to become a vibrant mixed-use residential development located at The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The goal of the ideas competition is to incite innovative, provocative and practical ideas for the urban design of the pedestrian promenade, focussing on design excellence, innovation, all-season use and promotion of active living.

Railside Promenade runs south from York Avenue to Forks Market Road. Once development is complete, it will transform Israel Asper Way into one of the most unique public spaces in Winnipeg.

The competition is open to individuals or teams and must include a member who is a registered Architect, Landscape Architect or Planner.

The Forks Renewal Corporation invites designers to submit visionary proposals to transform Israel Asper Way into a unique public space. Learn more and register at

Download the information related to this competition here.