(act without thinking)
WUXIANG Mountain Tourism Public Land Art Competition in LISHUI, NANJING City

“WU XIANG”, as known as “thinking without myself”, expressing the variables of myself, and the word “myself” above, covers human and any object which is temporary and varied. The theme of this competition is “Nonintervention”. We hope artists abandon their subjectively and the process of thinking. They are expected to create the artworks which will became a conversation between artist and WUXIANG mountain with their intuition.

21th Nov, Submissions deadline
the end of Dec, Jury review
the beginning of Jan in the next year, Award ceremony

AIM challenge:
We invite you:

Think about the abstractness and reality-meaning of contemporary art and Dhyana, which will stimulate thought and reflect the stamp of the age;
Think about the relationship between human and the earth;
Think about how to dig new value from countryside;
Think about how to propagate local culture turning into international with the power of art.

Let’s make the local culture of WUXIANG mountain into an infinite miracle by contemporary concepts and methods.

LISHUI, located at the cross of WU and CHU (WU and CHU are two historical countrys in ancient china). Now, LISHUI district is close to the urban area and nature. LISHUI is famous for the beauty of WUXIANG mountain which has bamboo forest, pine forest, lakes and reservoirs.

WUXIANG mountain is the fifth national forest park in NANJING, east to the eastern LU mountain and the source of QINHUAI river; west to the YANZHI river TIANSHENG bridge park; south to the FUJIABIAN modern agricultural technology park; north to the urban area. WUXIANG mountain is the best choice of sport and leisure for local citizens, meanwhile, it attract more than 0.5 million tourists every year.

There are not only the complete protection of countryside in WUXIANG mountain, but also the strongly support of the government. LISHUI government welcome more experts, artists, architects and amateurs to join this party of earth art, meanwhile, they try to make the WUXIANG mountain into a La La Land of earth art in China with this competition and more activities.

Fist round
Finalist (36)
Second round (jury review with 36 finalist in first found)
The first prize (1)
The second prize (2)
The third prize (3)

Winners have the opportunity to complete their artworks.

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