YAC – Young Architects Competitions and the Municipality of Favignana announce the winners of Art Prison, an ideas competition that was launched last January in cooperation with the Italian Government and aimed to the repurposing the breathtaking fortress of a scattered island in Southern Sicily.

“Here we are at the end of one of the most important projects we have ever led in our region and this is a great satisfaction for us. We launched this competition because we wanted to open ourselves towards an international audience looking for creativity in order to get to an enlightening vision that might develop new architectural solutions for a reuse and re-harmonization of the fortress. I believe we succeeded in this challenge and that the winner proposals provide smart solutions in full respect of the requirements given. I
sincerely congratulate with all contestants for their several and their high-quality ideas” – says Giuseppe Pagoto, the mayor of Favignana and member of the internationally-renowned jury that assessed the projects submitted. The jury committee featured also Daniel Libeskind, João Luís Carrilho da Graça, Manuel Aires Mateus, Felix Perasso (Snohetta), Emanuele Montibeller (Arte Sella).

There was a total cash prize of € 20,000 to reward to the winner projects: the 1st prize of € 10,000 has been awarded to the Italian team “Simposio”, the 2nd prize of € 4,000 to the Brazilian team “in situ” and the 3rd prize of € 2,000 to team “MJHM” from the US. The 4 Gold Mentions of € 1,000 each have been assigned to teams “Llobregat Asatrián” (Spain), “MaMe” (Italy), “a3m” (Ireland) e “PT” (Thailandia). Additional 10 Honorable Mentions and 30 Finalist Mentions follow up as completion of this huge and international podium.

Davide Natarelli, Federico Bettazzi, Chiara Davino, Tommaso Seveso, Eleonora Valle

/ Simposio /


Fernando Bonini, Stefan Kasmanhuber, Marcos Blanco de Amorim, Olivier Läuppi, Pedro Maia, Luiza Schreier

/ in situ /

Chang Yuan Max Hsu, Hadeel Ayed Mohammad, Yasamin Mayyas, David Jimenez, Hana Makhamreh

/ MJHM /


Marco Agosti, Michele Marini

/ a3m /

Sergio Llobregat, Sevak Asatrián

/ Llobregat Asatrián /

Paolo Mercorillo, Alessio Marino

/ MaMe /

Thakan Navapakpilai, Suwapat Rodprasert

/ PT /

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